Tongcheng (Fujian) Nutrition Food Co., Ltd

Tongcheng (Fujian) Nutrition Food Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2013. The company is located in Zhangzhou, China, a famous historical and cultural city. The production address is located in Haicheng Food Industrial Park, Longhai City, Fujian Province, with beautiful environment, close to the advantages of South Fujian Golden Triangle, and has a developed transportation network with xiazhangquan, which is very convenient for water, land and air transportation. The factory covers an area of 60000 square meters, with 5 sets of 100000 level purification workshops, 8 sets of automatic production lines, and nearly 300 employees. Since its establishment, the company has long been committed to the development and sales of high-end infant food, and has developed into a large-scale, standardized management, product diversity, research and development, production and sales of private food production enterprises. The company implements the corporate governance institution of general manager responsibility system and modern enterprise system, establishes division of labor and cooperation among departments, governs production department, business department, R & D testing room, sales department, planning department, machine repair department, etc., with clear responsibilities of departments, scientific and reasonable division of labor, and implementation of department manager accountability system. At present, the companys products mainly include: Biscuit series, steamed bread cake series, rice flour and paste series, baking series, flour products series, fruit products series, grains and grains series, puffed food series, meat products series, fish products series and other 500 categories of infant and child food; each year, more than 50 new varieties and tastes are introduced to lead the market trend and drive Consumer demand. The company has also established good cooperative relations with other industry organizations and well-known universities, actively participated in various industrial design innovation competitions, and has a number of patents with independent intellectual property rights. Tongcheng food has not only won the favor of many consumers, but also been widely praised and highly recognized by all walks of life. The company has passed the fssc22000 food safety system certification, and has been successively rated as "Fujian provincial key leading enterprise", "Longhai contract abiding and trustworthy unit", "Zhangzhou food industry Association vice president unit" and "Fujian model workers home" "Longhai baking food safety promotion association chairman unit", "Zhangzhou advanced unit" and other honorary titles; its Minnan traditional handmade meat floss won the municipal "intangible cultural heritage" title. In order to ensure the sustainable development of the enterprise, exercise the social responsibility of the enterprise, and respond to the national "three rural" development policy, the company has successively established rice, potato, egg and other fruit and vegetable bases in Haicheng Town of Longhai City, increasing the income of farmers cooperating with the company by more than 12 million yuan, and directly and indirectly driving more than 3500 households. After six years of development and accumulation, it now has four food manufacturing companies and two trading companies, and 10 QS national industrial production licenses. Tongcheng has cultivated an excellent marketing team, and its dealers are all over the country. With the implementation of the comprehensive two child policy, Chinas infant population is expanding day by day. The huge consumption energy of this zero income army is gradually releasing. The infant related industry has become one of the most concerned and promising industries in China. Therefore, infant food has a strong consumer demand. As an important source of nutrition in the process of infant growth and development, infant food plays a very important role in the food industry. With the continuous advancement of Chinas urbanization and industrialization, and the continuous improvement of living standards, parents pay more and more attention to new parenting methods and food. Infants and young children are an important period of healthy growth in human life. In this period, if they can get reasonable diet and adequate nutrition, they will lay a good material foundation for their physical and intellectual development. Therefore, based on the mission of "making healthy food and creating quality life", Tongcheng food, with its strong product technical force, develops infant food with rich nutrition, scientific formula and easy digestion and absorption in the Chinese market, and actively increases capital and expands production. The production capacity of the production workshop of the first phase project is gradually saturated, which can not meet the needs of the enterprise development. The construction of the production workshop of the second phase project is in full swing, with a total investment of 200 million yuan, and a standard workshop of 30000 square meters has been built. The project has three series of production lines: 1. 3 infant rice flour production lines; 2. 3 infant biscuit production lines; 3. Infant noodle production lines. By then, 200 to 300 jobs will be created, and the annual output value can reach 300-1 billion yuan. The market prospect is very broad.



ADD:Haicheng Food Industrial Zone, Longhai City, Fujian Province